3 Steps to Build an Effective Custom Workout Program

Building an effective workout program can be somewhat confusing. Of course, everyone wants an awe-inspiring physique – but how exactly do you get there? Structuring a workout for maximum strength and muscle gains takes some strategic planning. Even the highest-level athletes and physique competitors share some very basic similarities when it comes to structuring their workouts. With a few guidelines in mind, you too can be well on your way to the most optimal training plan for your goals.

Prioritize Important Exercises

This is one of the most neglected principles in training, yet one of the most important. Performing the most difficult, compound movements first is essential when designing an effective training regimen. These movements recruit several muscle groups simultaneously, requiring significant energy, strength and concentration. Heavy deadlifts, squats and other compound movements should always be performed before any other exercises to elicit the greatest muscular response. After you’ve performed the most demanding movements in your training program, you can move on to exercises that recruit fewer muscles such as rows, overhead presses, and lunges. Finally, to round out a workout, isolation movements may be included toward the end. This includes bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, lateral raises and other less demanding movements.

Mix Up Your Rep Scheme

The number of repetitions you perform is one of the most important components of any workout routine. Reps will determine strength, size and endurance, so they should be structured accordingly. Below is a guideline for each rep range and its corresponding function:

1 -3 reps: Maximum strength

4 – 6 reps: Strength

8 – 12 reps: Hypertrophy (muscle size)

15 or more reps: Muscular endurance

To structure the most effective training plan for your goals, you must first choose the rep range you will need to work in. If you are looking to build strength and size, using a combination of both rep ranges will be much more effective than continuously sticking with one rep range. Choose a lower rep range for your most important compound movements, while working into the higher rep ranges for any accessory movements.

Balance Your Routine

This component of workout planning is relatively simple and easy to implement. For every exercise performed for a particular muscle group, make certain to perform one for the opposing muscle group. If you perform a movement that targets the quadriceps, be sure to perform at least one movement that targets the hamstrings. The cornerstone of muscle building and aesthetics is symmetry. Without targeting all muscle groups equally, symmetry will be nearly impossible to achieve. A balanced workout routine also includes exercises that move through all planes of movement. To incorporate this in your training, try adding in some twisting movements, along with lateral movements that target the legs and arms separately.

Following these simple guidelines will have you well on your way to designing an effective training program that will have you on the road to achieving your goals in no time! For a rigid training program like no other, visit Titanz Fitness in Smyrna. Whether you seek to compete in a bodybuilding competition or just want to achieve the best body you can, our personal trainers are equipped with years of experience providing custom workout plans, nutrition plans, and the motivation you need to keep at it. Click here for a free workout session!

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