4 Benefits of Weightlifting Shoes

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a pair of weightlifting shoes, it may be because you’re not sure if they’re necessary. While it may seem like all shoes are created equal in the world of fitness, this is not the case. In fact, weightlifting shoes are made for just that: lifting weights. A pair of regular tennis shoes may be sufficient; however, they are not nearly as effective as weightlifting shoes. Read on to find out why a pair of weightlifting shoes may be just what you need to take your lifting to the next level.

Sturdy Shoe Base

Lifting very heavy weights during compound movements requires stability. The solid base of a weightlifting shoe provides a firm surface on which to land. Typically constructed of wood or hard plastic, these shoes provide a level of stability that regular tennis shoes do not. A quality weightlifting shoe will have a base that doesn’t allow for any rocking or wobbling; if it doesn’t stay in complete contact with the ground when in the power position, look for one that does.

Elevated Heel

Weightlifting shoes offer an elevated heel – a feature that gives them a distinct advantage over regular tennis shoes. This elevation allows the lifter to remain in a neutral position throughout all portions of the lift. In fact, studies on weightlifting shoes show that this elevation helps to prevent forward trunk flexion, thus allowing lifters to generate more power with the legs and glutes. Proper posture is essential to avoiding injury, so using accessories to facilitate safe lifting can assist in proper biomechanics and form.

Adequate Support

The merits of a high-quality, supportive shoe cannot be denied, and weightlifting shoes are second to none when it comes to support. Not only do they offer a sturdy and supportive base, they also offer incredible ankle support – a necessary component when performing heavy lifts. Many designs offer additional straps that provide support for the top of the foot as well. This creates a solid base through which maximum power is generated.

Better Mobility

Combine a solid base, elevated heel, and adequate support, and you have a recipe for improved mobility throughout a range of movements. Hip, knee, and ankle mobility are essential components of every heavy, compound movement. Because weightlifting shoes provide a perfect combination of features, they can improve posture and help lifters generate more power when using proper positioning.

If you regularly perform heavy, compound movements, weightlifting shoes can be a valuable investment. Not only will they help improve your form, they may also help you increase the weight on the bar. Try them out – you may just find they’re the missing piece to your continued lifting progress.

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