4 Tips For a Better Deadlift

The deadlift just might be the king of all muscle-building exercises. It builds muscle and therefore strength throughout the entire body with a single lift. If you are interested in learning how to deadlift the right way, then listen up! These four tips can help you improve your deadlift while avoiding problems such as lower back pain and achy knees.

Tip 1: Starting Position

The correct way to start is with the barbell situated right in the middle of your feet. The middle of your feet is your center of gravity and keeps you stable throughout the entire lift. It creates the shortest possible distance for the weight to travel while pulling up and going down, making the lift easier and safer.

Another effective way to start a deadlift is to bring your hips down and lean back just a tad. It can help to tighten up your back muscles, especially your lats and shoulder blades to keep the barbell closer to your hips. You might also want to pull your elbows back towards your hips to keep the barbell from creeping away from you.

Tip 2: Hips and Back

Your hips and back must be aligned to achieve a successful deadlift. While performing the lift, your hamstrings should remain tense and lower back kept tight. This way, you’ll keep a straight line throughout the entire movement. Never shoot your hips out when beginning the lift as you will be unable to create enough tension to lift the bar correctly. Shooting your hips out will make the lift harder by making the weight feel heavier than it should.

Tip 3: Proper Form Over Brutal Intensity

Many lifters try jerking on the bar hard and bend their arms in the process. The result of which is usually sore elbows and torn biceps. Instead of simply increasing intensity, tighten your arms, flex your triceps, and turn your elbows in before lifting the bar. This will remove any slack in your movement and help you avoid having to use unneeded intensity. In essence, you’ll be squeezing the bar up instead of jerking it, making the lift safer and easier to perform.

Tip 4: Pause

The pause deadlift consists of pausing right after you lift the bar off the floor. It may seem counterintuitive, but by pausing, you enforce squeezing instead of jerking. You also maintain proper barbell alignment as it ‘s hard to keep the barbell anywhere other than in the middle of your feet when pausing.

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