5 Tips to Perform Like an Olympic Athlete

Olympic athletes are considered the fittest, most athletic people on the planet. On the field, at the track, on the court or the mat, these women and men dazzle us with amazing feats of athleticism. Whether they’re breaking world records or pushing their bodies to perform to the breaking point, we watch with respect and awe. What if we, too, could optimize our training to help us maximize our performance?

Want to know a secret?

It’s possible — and it only takes a handful of small changes to achieve! Here are a few lifestyle and training tips from Olympic athletes that boost your fitness, athleticism, and energy!

Stay Hydrated and Eat Enough

Water is essential for optimal performance and energy. Aim to drink about half your body weight in ounces of water every day. If you’re undergoing intense training sessions, consume an electrolyte drink to help replenish the minerals you lose when you perspire. When it comes to diet, make sure you are eating enough to fuel your training and recovery. Aim to consume a meal every three to four hours, and eat right! That means plenty of carbohydrates and proteins around your workouts. Here are some of the best ways to get protein. If you want to perform like an athlete, you have to give your body the fuel it needs to train like one.

Always Warm Up and Cool Down

A proper warm-up is essential for avoiding injuries. Aim for about 10 minutes of light cardio to increase blood flow, and follow it up with 10-15 minutes of dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises. Training cold muscles is asking for an injury, so you should always make sure you’re getting adequate blood flow to each muscle group you plan to train. After your workout, be sure to include recovery exercises like stretching, foam rolling, and massage.

Lift Heavy

Heavy lifting is critical if your goal is to develop maximum power and strength. Challenge yourself by performing compound lifts in the four to six rep range. Try thick bar training for further muscle strength and development. Aim for two to three sets per movement and try to incorporate this style of lifting into your regimen at least once a week.

Hire a Trainer

Every great athlete has a coach. If your goal is to reach new levels of fitness, then you can benefit from a coach, too. An objective set of eyes helps keep you on track and pushes you to perform more than you can on your own. Motivation and accountability tend to suffer when the going gets tough, but a coach will drive you to achieve when you don’t want to push yourself. Check out these tips to help you find the perfect trainer.

Get Enough Sleep

On average, adults get about 6.8 hours of sleep — far less than the recommended 8 hours per night. If you’re training hard, experts recommend that you get about eight to 10 hours of shut-eye per night. Recovery happens while you’re sleeping, so you need to give your body enough time to repair after working out. Try to avoid watching tv, browsing your phone, or using the computer for 30 minutes before hitting the sack. Electronics emit a light spectrum that can diminish your brain’s ability to enter into a deep, restful sleep.

If you eat, train and sleep like an Olympic athlete, chances are you’ll end up performing like one, too Now, that’s not to say you’ll be the next Usain Bolt or Simone Biles, but you’ll be healthier, faster, stronger, and more athletic than ever before! At Titanz Fitness, we can help you achieve these goals. Contact us and we will pair you up with the perfect trainer who will outline a fitness and nutrition plan to let help you bring out your inner Olympian.

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