Top 5 Weirdest Workouts

Many people strive to stay fit for various reasons and will go to great lengths to do so. As a way to spice up their workout and get away from traditional training, more fitness seekers are pursuing alternative fitness methods. Whether it is hanging from the ceiling or making the most of their time on public transportation, there seems to be no limit to the lengths people will go to get an intense workout. Check out these top five weird workouts.

Aerial Yoga

As if stationary yoga wasn’t challenging enough, imagine holding the lotus position while hanging from tangled cloth. As abstract as it looks, aerial yoga is highly beneficial. The routine mainly works on your flexibility by targeting your core. The experts find it easy and relaxing, but it is much more demanding for a beginner compared to traditional yoga.


Prancercise is a horse-inspired workout that dates back to the late ‘80s. It involves trotting, punching the air, and vigorous body shaking. Recently made popular by internet celebrity Joanna Rohrback, the exercise requires individuals to strap on ankle weights and go for a prance. Although strange, prancercise is one of the easiest of the weird workouts to perform.

Public Transportation Workout

Believe it or not, something good can come from taking public transportation. Known for being uncomfortable and late, public buses now provide a new service: a low-impact workout. You can choose to balance on one foot or get in some upright push ups with the vertical bars. You can also try standing on your toes for a quick calf exercise.

The Circus Workout

The mention of circus brings excitement to many ; however, the exercise itself is draining, and makes use of trapeze, silks, ropes, and other circus equipment. It is a cardio workout that helps build muscles in addition to enhancing fitness. It’s ideal if you plan on joining the circus!

Surfer Workout

Surfers are known for their well-crafted bodies that everyone envies. Many gyms have Surfset boards on which you can simulate a surfer’s movements to help you obtain such a physique. The machine is similar to a rowing machine but has cushions underneath the board for an added balance aspect. The exercise is said to help burn excess fat and increase flexibility.

As unusual as they seem, these workouts help many get in their daily exercise. For a training method that does not require prancing or traveling with the circus, visit us at Titanz Fitness. Our Smyrna fitness center is equipped with Olympic grade training tools and certified personal trainers. Contact us today for a free personal fitness evaluation.

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