How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer For You

In the past, if you heard of someone having a personal trainer, you would assume that they were either extremely wealthy or training for an athletic competition. Lately, having a personal trainer has become more commonplace as people have become more aware of the importance of monitoring their health. Acquiring a personal trainer may be on your to-do list, but it can be difficult to decide where to start or what type of trainer is best for you. Join us as we prepare you in finding the best personal trainer for you.

What to Consider

Take the time to outline a few things before you ever meet with a personal trainer. It is essential that you are completely sure of what you would like to achieve, how you would like to go about doing so, and how soon you would like to accomplish these goals. By specifying these particulars, you can narrow your search and provide prospective personal trainers with an idea of what they will be working towards.

Along with determining what your goals are, you should find out what kind of trainer will be best for you. Take into consideration what motivates you and other specifications including:

  • Availability: Do you prefer a trainer that will be at every session or provide you with a plan to follow alone?
  • Location: How far are you willing to travel for your training sessions?
  • Specialties: What would you like your trainer to specialize in (nutrition, strength training, etc.)
  • Cost: How much are you willing to spend on your personal trainer?

Once this is all decided , you will be one step closer to finding the personal trainer best for you.

Types of Trainers

As pointed out earlier, the types of personal trainers may vary in multiple ways including their training philosophy to their focus areas. The last thing you’ll want to do is acquire a personal trainer simply on the premise that they are well-known and not take the time to figure out what their specialty area is. Here are the most common types of personal trainers.

Performance Fitness Trainer

A performance fitness trainer is the best option for athletes. This type of trainer understands that fitness is a staple in your life and can devise training programs that are designed to keep you at your peak physical condition during the offseason. It isn’t uncommon for everyone from high school to professional athletes to have these type of trainers.

Body Building Trainer

A body building trainer can help you transform your body, but not everyone can body build. There are certain genetic qualities one must possess to be able to achieve the optimal body builder physique. For those who are healthy, physically able and ready to start training towards their first competition, your trainer will outline a strict nutrition and fitness regimen designed to get you prepared. Current bodybuilders who may have been training themselves are also typical clients to sign up for a body building trainer.

General Fitness Trainer

This is the most common type of trainer. The usual clients for a general fitness trainer are individuals who may be out of shape and searching to improve their health. In some occasions, an individual may have experienced a health scare or is going down a path that can lead to one and were recommended by their health care physician to lose some weight.

A general fitness trainer will work with you to gradually improve your fitness level through nutrition and fitness plans. The intensity of the training is meant to continuously challenge you in order to achieve desired results.

Titanz Fitness offers a range of certified personal trainers at our Smyrna gym from bodybuilders, to trainers that have worked with professional athletes. Check out our full cast of personal trainers here and schedule your free consultation today.

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