How to Choose the Right Bodybuilding Federation

For aspiring bodybuilders, preparing for a competition can be a tough process. There are four separate federations: Fitness America, OCB, NPC, and WBFF. There are also two divisions: Figure and Bikini. Body type, personality, and future fitness goals are all important factors in deciding where to compete.

Each federation has its own distinction. For example, at Pro Level and Masters division bikini competitors are muscular, but not as strong as figure competitors. Here is an in-depth look at the different bodybuilding competition federations.

Organization Of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB)

The Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders is an affiliate of the International Fitness & Physique Association. These are all natural shows. Every competitor must submit to a drug test and polygraph before the start of the competition. During the finals, each competitor has an individual T-Walk in, which gives them creative freedom. Joining the OCB is a safe choice for those who like smaller shows.

National Physique Committee (NPC)

The National Physique Committee is one of the most recognized federations in the world of bodybuilding. Most of the shows have a large number of participants and the atmosphere is competitive. To participate at the highest level, competitors must place in the top five of a regional show and win a national show. Competitors who prefer simple, specific posing may enjoy the NPC. They divide all open classes by height and make them available to any age group.

Ms. Bikini America

These competitions have many different categories. One of the things that make this organization unique is the fact that there is more than one round for the bikini division. There is also a theme wear and bikini round. Ms. Bikini America is one of the few competitions that give you access to your score card. Every competitor comes out solo initially to allow the judges to rate the contestant by the scoring system. The federation awards class winners with professional status.

World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF)

The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion corporation started in Canada and spread to Europe, Australia, and the United States. The competition is similar to a fashion show. There are separate rounds for the Diva Bikini Model and Diva Fitness Model competitions. The rules are considered more complex compared to other federations. There are bikini rounds, evening gown rounds, and theme wear rounds. They recently added two divisions: The Transformation Division and The Commercial Model Division. The additional divisions allow the competitors to have more time on stage. All open class winners receive pro cards.

Bodybuilding competitions range vastly, and it’s vital to choose when that best fits your training efforts. Need help preparing for a bodybuilding contest? Our seasoned bodybuilding personal trainers at Titanz Fitness can help you get competition ready. Through a rigorous nutrition and fitness regimen, our Smyrna gym trainers can help you reach your ultimate physique goals. Contact us today for a free personal fitness evaluation.

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