Endomorph Training and Nutrition Tips

The telltale sign of an endomorph is the tendency to easily gain weight. While this may seem like a beneficial trait when trying to increase muscle mass, in the case of the endomorph, most of this weight is body fat.

However, keeping fat off is possible for an endomorph. With a consistent and smart exercise and diet regimen, maintaining and losing weight are simple.

Eating to Gain Muscle as an Endomorph

Endomorphs have the natural ability to gain muscle quite easily. Unfortunately, those with this body type also tend gain body fat just as easily, especially when consuming surplus calories. To avoid excessive fat gain, endomorphs should avoid carbohydrates. Protein consumption should hover around one gram per pound of bodyweight. Fat intake should be higher to compensate for the reduced number of carbs.

Consuming a small number of carbohydrates before and after training sessions is necessary to induce insulin response. This allows the muscles to better absorb the proteins, building lean muscle mass. Limiting carbohydrate consumption throughout the remainder of the day is key to avoid conversation into body fat.

Effective Training for Endomorphs

Training for an endomorph should be tailored around burning as many calories as possible. This means including at least eight sets per body part and working in the eight to 15 rep range. Generally, this rep range is conducive to hypertrophy, making the entire body more metabolically active.

As for training frequency, those with the endomorph body type may train each muscle group nearly as often as they desire. Recovery time is generally faster for endomorphs than with the other two body types, making it possible to complete workouts more frequently. More frequent training will increase caloric expenditure, leading to a reduction in body fat.

Finally, while many may dread the thought of cardio, it is a necessary component in the training regimen of the endomorph body type. Including a mix of cardio and a few high-intensity intervals will increase total caloric expenditure and, eventually, metabolic rate.

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