Keeping Fitness Motivation Alive Through the Dead of Winter

Staying motivated to continue with a fitness plan during the winter can be challenging. With the vast array of holiday treats and the chilling winter weather, the idea of exercise often seems less than appealing. To combat the urge to curl up on the couch with a plate of cookies and a mug of hot cocoa, here are some tips to keep that fitness plan on track.

Keep It Interesting

The urge to curl up on the couch may be strong, so the will to exercise must be stronger. For those used to performing the same type of exercise on daily basis, switching things up can reenergize you. Over time, repeated exposure to the same movement patterns can become boring, leading to burnout and disinterest. If workouts usually take place outside, consider moving them indoors and using different types of equipment. For those who tend to exercise solo, joining a class or studio can keep one engaged. Simply changing the form of exercise may be the stimulus needed to keep the drive alive.

Keep Bigger Goals in Mind

Winter clothes are especially good at hiding the extra weight many prefer not to see. Unfortunately, winter clothes don’t do a great job of eliminating that weight altogether. Hiding behind bulky sweaters and long pants makes it far too easy to forget the effort that’s already been exerted. While it may be necessary to break out the warm clothes to stay insulated against the harsh temperatures, it’s not necessary to use it an excuse to slack off. Keeping the final result in mind will serve as motivation to continue on the path that’s already been carved. Instead of hiding behind bulky winter clothing, consider wearing more fitted outfits that serve as a reminder of the constant need to stay in shape. This will help eliminate unnecessary eating and will also serve as motivation to continue working up a sweat throughout the colder months.

Consider Winter Recreation

Each season brings with it unique opportunities for outdoor recreation. Fortunately, these activities are also fantastic opportunities to get the heart rate up and get moving. Activities like ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are physically demanding and are great ways to enjoy the outdoors while working up a sweat.

Try Home Workouts

There are thousands of fitness DVDs available, making home workouts easy, affordable, and convenient. When the winter weather is too severe, or time is short, home workouts can be a great alternative. Many workouts require zero equipment and very little space, but function well to keep fitness levels up.

Winter doesn’t have to mean hitting pause on a fitness routine. With a bit of creativity and some concrete goals in mind, exercise and healthy habits can continue straight into the new year. If you think you need a little extra help staying motivated this winter, contact Titanz fitness! Our personal trainers understand exactly what it takes to stay motivated during these chilly months. Reach out to book a session today!

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