Knowing When to Lift Heavier Weight

Weight training is a highly effective method of building muscle. Through a specific training routine designed with your results in mind you can achieve your fitness goals in no time. Weight training regimens usually outline what workouts to do, when to do them, and how long until you see results. What many of them do not come equipped with is information about when you should lift heavier weights. This can be a tough decision to make as you yearn for results but fear injury. Allow these guidelines to help you decide when to increase your weights.


You should first identify what your performance goals are. Would you like to increase your one-repetition maximum or the amount you can lift in a full set? Training heavy means consistently lifting 75 percent of your maximum. Your endocrine system will respond as a result of such training by producing more testosterone, the hormone that promotes muscle growth.

If you are training at a considerably lower intensity level (the 50 percent range), you should go with a different approach. Progressively add weight to introduce your body to greater resistance over time. This will allow your body to become accustomed to heavier weights before you start training heavy.


Periodization is a useful method of gauging when to increase weight. The process consists of continually building weight on a weekly basis until you can exceed your one-repetition maximum. This method is effective because it allows your body to slowly get used to lifting heavier weights, rather than suddenly jumping to a heavier weight.

Use Good Judgement

You should use good judgment when weight training in general, but it is most important when increasing weight. Knowing when to increase weight is just as crucial as knowing when not to increase weight. If you notice that you can lift the weight but are not practicing proper form, you might need to lower the weight to perfect your form. Lifting heavy weight means little to nothing if you aren’t using proper form.

A personal trainer can help you gauge when you should lift heavier weights to help you attain your ideal physique. Visit Titanz Fitness for a free personal fitness evaluation with a qualified personal trainer. Share your goals with a trainer who will outline a nutrition and fitness plan that can help you reach those goals fast! Contact us today to speak with a fitness expert at our Smyrna fitness center.

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