How to Prepare for Your Bodybuilding Competition

Bodybuilding is a rewarding profession that requires a high level of physical and mental discipline. Proper preparation is key to succeeding and achieving your goals without damaging your body. Your physique may be the most important aspect of bodybuilding but preparing for the next competition safely and effectively should be of equal importance. Dividing your preparation schedule into weeks is a great way to ensure that you’re ready when competition time hits.

20 Weeks Before Your Competition

20 weeks before your competition is the sweet spot. This is when you start setting up your diet for your competition. While some feel that starting your diet 12 weeks before the show is the best practice, that may be too soon before the contest. Your preparation should include:

  • Cardio 30 minutes a day
  • Working on mandatory bodybuilding poses
  • Adding protein to every meal
  • Taking pictures of your posing practice

Posing for 10-15 seconds is an excellent way to gain some experience. When you go on stage and pose like you’ve done competitions a million times before, the judges will notice!

8 Weeks Before Your Competition

By the eight-week mark, your diet and workout routine should be in full effect. The important things to address at this time should be registering for your competition and making sure your membership fees to the organization you are competing for are paid off.

6 Weeks Before Your Competition

Six weeks before your competition is when you should focus on the cosmetic aspects of bodybuilding.

Cosmetic aspects include:

  • Posing
  • Finding the right bathing suit to wear (color and style)
  • Hairstyle
  • Tanning

Make sure you have travel arrangements figured out if the competition isn’t local and pick up a lunch cooler for meals, body lotion, and tanning products. Keep up your diet and continue to practice your poses.

1 Week Before Your Competition

One week before the competition is the home stretch! If you’ve been keeping up with your preparation schedule, there’s no reason to be nervous. You know your poses and routines, you’ve purchased everything you need, and if the competition isn’t local, you already have your travel plans ready to go. Stay calm and take solace in the fact that your competition is just around the corner.

On the day of the competition, try to arrive one or two hours before check-in. With all the work you’ve put in, it’s time to have fun and experience the competition. You’ve earned it!

It takes considerable effort to enter and prepare for a bodybuilding competition. These training tips can help you maximize your potential. If you think you might need a little extra preparation help, check out Titanz Fitness. We have expert personal trainers, nutrition plans, and equipment that can help you reach your bodybuilding goals. Contact us for a free consultation and get started today!

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