How to Train for Your Body Type

Do you know your body type? All too often fitness seekers pursue training programs and methods that do not cater to their body type. This can easily result in a lack of gains and even unintentional gains. Be sure to identify your body type and follow the appropriate training method to ensure that you do not waste another trip to the gym.

Ectomorph Training

Ectomorphs typically have a difficult time building new muscle mass due to their higher metabolic rates. Genetically, they exhibit smaller bone structure and are naturally quite lean. Due to this, it is best to avoid extensive cardio which leads to increased calorie expenditure. While cardio may be beneficial for the cardiovascular system, it does not lead to increased muscle building.

Fitness experts advise ectomorphs to perform heavy compound movements that recruit several muscle groups simultaneously. Exercises such as deadlifts, squats, bench press and bent over rows stimulate a more significant release of growth hormone than isolation movements. As a result, these exercises enhance muscle growth. Ectomorphs should also limit physical activity outside of the gym as it reduces the muscles’ ability to recover before each training session. Eating enough is also critical to stimulating new muscle growth.

Endomorph Training

Endomorphs tend to have slower metabolic rates than the other two body types. Genetically, this body type exhibits a square appearance and heavy bone structure. As a result, more cardio and higher training volume and frequency are most beneficial. Endomorphs can handle a higher training volume and are advised to perform both higher reps and sets to help reduce body fat and build new muscle tissue.

Weight training should be the focus of an endomorph’s workout, as more muscle tissue helps increase metabolic rate. Endomorphs should focus on maximum intensity during training sessions to achieve the greatest caloric expenditure. Heavier, compound movements in the eight to ten rep range are ideal, with a training frequency of four to six days per week.

Mesomorph Training

The mesomorph body type is the most adaptable of the three, allowing for more training flexibility. Genetically, this body type exhibits broad shoulders and narrow hips, lending to the aesthetically pleasing nature of this physique. This genetic type builds muscle and burns fat with relative ease, making nearly any routine effective.

Mesomorphs should lift moderate to heavy weights in either the four to six or eight to ten rep range. Since they recover relatively quickly, mesomorphs may benefit from higher training intensity and frequency. They may also find either moderate or high-intensity cardio useful for fat loss.

WIth your body type in mind, the personal trainers at Titanz Fitness can outline a training and nutrition regimen that can yield the most desirable results. Our facility has all the tools necessary to get you in the best shape of your life! Contact our Smyrna fitness center to schedule your personal fitness evaluation today!

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