Top 3 Reasons Why Group Training is Effective

Group training seems to be the popular training option for many Americans today. You can find groups in  parks, gyms, and at the local recreation center, coming together to achieve a common goal: fitness. Personal trainers are even changing their titles to “fitness instructors” to appeal to a wider variety of people. More people now than ever are willing to commit to group training as their sole source of fitness and it is leaving them with incredible results. There is an ongoing debate on what form of exercise is more efficient, group training or solitary training. We have compiled the top 3 reasons why group training is effective to help settle this debate.


One of the greatest benefits of working out with a group is the accountability factor. When you train consistently with a group, you hold each other accountable for everything from attendance to sticking to nutrition plans.

For example, many training groups have group messaging systems that allow everyone to communicate with each other and check in with weight loss updates and nutrition efforts. Simply knowing that there is a group of like-minded individuals checking in on each other makes everyone more accountable for their actions and keeps everyone motivated to do their best.


Motivation is another great reason why group training is so effective. In many situations where an individual is training alone, there isn’t much of a support group aside from a personal trainer or that extremely fit friend. The majority of training groups consist of individuals who generally have similar fitness levels. This allows the group to progress together and when it seems as if a few people are pulling ahead, it motivates the others to train harder to keep up with the pack.


Who doesn’t enjoying hanging out with friends? Group training allows individuals to do just that, but rather than catching a movie or going out to eat, they are striving to achieve fitness goals. Even if group training members do not know each other at first, through constant communication and seemingly endless training sessions, a bond is built. It is much easier to get up and go workout when you know that your friends will be there as well.

Group training allows individuals to come together and push each other to unforeseen heights and that is exactly what we specialize in at Titanz Fitness. We offer a variety of group training classes in Smyrna from Upper Body Blast to Tread N Shed which are geared to help you achieve your desired fitness goals. Start your transformation today and visit us online to set up your free fitness consultation!

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